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"A Certain Slant of Sunlight"
"Absaroka Mountains from Valley Floor"

"New York Rain" "Pansies and Grapes"

"A Night at Theater" "Study in Black and Gold"

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" "Blue Bowl and Wine jug"

"Cherries and Peaches" "End of Day Interlude"

"Fall's Pattern"
"Taos Garden"

"Granite Field" "Pine Trees"

"Last Light" "Little Blue Pitcher"

"Mountaion" "Prairie Bouquet"

"Prickly Pear" "Snow Fields up High"

"Daisies and Crabapples"
"Blue Bowl"

"Armella Flower"
"Armella Lanscape"

"Waiting to Ride" "Reflections"

"Italian Courtyard" "Poudre River"

"Wyoming Winter"