Armella began her life in an oil-company town in Southern Wyoming. Her family were farm people from Kansas who moved to Wyoming to work in the oil fields. During her growing up years she learned she could draw. Her drawing tools were a Big Chief tablet and a pencil. Art classes were non-existent in her community, her learning was left to her own imagination and creativity.

She enrolled at the University of Wyoming and studied art for two followed she and her husband Allan raised four children in Cheyenne. There was little personal time, but she always found a moment or two for pencil, paper and watercolors. These little bits of drawing and painting saved her sanity. Art classes and artists continued to be absent from her life. How-to-art books began being published and this enabled her to go further as a self-taught artist. She returned to college and graduated in 1980's earning a BS in psychology

In 1988 she moved to Sioux City, Iowa to opened an ad agency with her daughter and enrolled part-time, at the University of South Dakota, beginning her first formal training as a art student. Returning west in 1997 to Fort Collins, Colorado she was able to find a wealth of accomplished artists with whom she began study. Classes with Cathy Goodale, Ellie Weakly and Patti Andre, workshops with Jim Biggers, Richard McDaniels, Stephen Quiller, Skip Whitcom, Lorenzo Chavez, Mike Beeman . At present she studies with George Coll and Dan Edmondson

Contact the artist at: 970 206 9506